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Good things come in small packages, don’t they? If so, it is true with Elinor Klivans’ Cookies, Brownies, and Bars too! As the cover page says, this book really has dozens of scrumptious recipes to bake and enjoy. The recipes range from the simplest Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches to the exotic French Macarons. The book is divdied into 6 sections: Drop cookies, Shaped cookies, Piped cookies, Rolled &cut cookies, Brownies &bars, Fillings& Coatings. They even have a section with instructions on how to ship baked goodies, which I think is really informative & necessary in every cookie book.

The instructions are simple and to the point, even a beginner can successfully bake from this book. I tried two recipes: Cinnamon Sugar Sinckerdoodles (Shaped Cookie) & Pinwheel Icebox Cookies(Rolled & Cut cookie) and both tasted fabulous . None of the recipes use any fancy ingredients, so it is easy for anyone to bake anytime! On the whole , it is a wonderful cookbook to own.

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Loved this review! Your cookies are gorgeous and seem delicious. You really made me wish this book! Thnks

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