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Eating From the Ground Up

I’m a young mom of two little girls living out in the green hills of Western Massachusetts.


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Someone’s In The Kitchen

Hello! My name is Alison and I hail from the lovely Queen City aka Charlotte, North Carolina.

Amy J

Member’s Blog Name: 
L’Esistenza Bellissima

:)Hi! I’m Amy J. and I live in the U.S., in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I moved here almost 11 years ago with my then-new hubby (it’s his hometown)…


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Delta Kitchen

I live in the Rhine valley in south-west Germany and work as an engineer in the pharma/biotech sector.


Member’s Blog Name: 
Isolated Foodie

I’m about to turn forty and I’m a stay at home mom with one daughter. I live in dead-center nowhere in the western US desert…


Member’s Blog Name: 
Creating A Stir

Originally from the UK, I was just starting to gain a reputation as a decent cake maker…

Anita Chu

Member’s Blog Name: 
Dessert First

I am from San Francisco, California and I am a part time cookbook/food writer, and part time engineering consultant.


Member’s Blog Name: 
Icy Violet’s

I am a grad student/pre-school kiddie wrangler. I got into baking a few years ago…


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I’m currently a full time pastry student and part time Painter of Silly Animals with Foods.


Member’s Blog Name: 
Kitchen Bliss

Hi! I am a software engineer residing in Metro Detroit, Michigan. I grew up in a rural setting and now live in the suburbs but always in southeastern Michigan.

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