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Italian Meringue

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Hi everyone!! Just wondering, is it possible for me to make Italian meringue on my own without a stand mixer?


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You can make it with an electric hand mixer, just might take a little longer if it's not a powerful one.


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You can make it with a hand mixer like the poster above said, but you can also do it by hand. It's how I have to do it in class and it's not too difficult and I actually prefer to do it this way. All you need is a big glass or stainless steel bowl and a huge whisk, preferably a balloon whisk. But if you don't have a balloon whisk you can use two regular whisks and hold them together. That way you double the amount of air that you are incorporating into the meringue.

If you are wanting to make an italian meringue buttercream, or any meringue butterceam, you can do that by hand also (which I have to do in class). It is THE arm workout of the century. I suggest anyone ever making a meringue buttercream do it by hand at least once to see how it is Wink You can never not end up with a buttercream in the end.

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I second what the peeps above me said but I'd add that you should makes sure that everything is *spanking* clean (bowl and whisk) and not a trace of yolk in the whites as even a drop of fat will cause the whites not to whip as high...Imagine all that effort and fallen whites - a tragedy!
You can make extra sure (if you're anal like me!) by rubbing a cut lemon around the bowl and then wiping out with a paper towel.