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Hi, I don't see the private forum where the recipe for the Daring Baker April will be listed. Maybe I'm too early and it will be available in the future..or do I just not see it?

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I think we have to be manually approved before we can see them. I'm sure they get lots of new members everyday so hopefully they'll get around to us eventually.


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I've read somewhere that new members get fully approved the first day of the month after the one they registered.
So it seems like we will have to wait for our April Fools' Day. ;-D

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I am registered and can't get the private forums either and on the old site someone said we were to post March here so I just posted it on the old site because I dont think we can get into these forums until April for a March Registration. Anyone know where March is supposed to go????

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Hi, I'm a newbie from Singapore. It's 10.30am on April's Day now! I still cannot get access to the Baking Challenge. Haha... Guess I've got to wait till The Daring Kitchen's Apr 1st timing... So excited!!!