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transporting a cheesecake

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ok so its my SOs grandmas birthday on the weekend and he asked me to make a cheesecake to take, seemed easy enough but his grandma lives 4.5hours away by car, so i will have to take it with me in the car. im worried bout the amount of time if will be out of the fridge and how easily it could be damaged by the distance, like it sliding info something etc.

my best plan so far is to buy a plastic cake container, one the same size as my cake, and put it on that in a box with bags of ice around it. does this sound like it might work?

i plan to make a raspberry white chocolate cheesecake similar to the one i made last time as it got such good reviews. but my SOs dad is a baker who doesn't really like me so this cheesecake has to be the best thing ever! lol

how can i make the yummy fruity topping to go on it, like you get with bought ones, ill take it down in a jar and assemble it there.

so those are the questions;
whats the best way to transport a cheesecake in the car for almost 5 hours?
and how do i make the yummy sauce stuff that i hope will set on top?

any other advice would be great as i have only ever made one cheesecake before Smile

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one idea is to freeze the cheesecake the night before and then when you leave it will thaw in the car. i've transported a cheesecake for about 3 hours before at room temp and it was fine because the car wasn't terribly hot due to air conditioning. if you put the cheesecake on a cakeboard or something flat, you can buy that rubber mat stuff that people use to line their shelves [it comes in a large roll], with that you can cut out a square, put it on the floor of the car [like in front of the seats, where it is flat] and place the cake on top of that. it won't slide around. in order to keep the cheesecake in place on the cake board you can put a smear of frosting or something sticky underneath it. hope this helps!

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The easiest way to get your cheesecake to its destination damage-free is to just leave it in the springform pan, covered in foil, until you get where you're going. Then, once at your destination, you can remove it from the pan, put it on the cake board, and do any last-minute topping/decoration. As far as the fruit topping, what kind of fruit would you like to use?

The only other advice I have to give you is to make sure you don't over beat your batter, use a water bath, and let the cheesecake cool before you remove it from the oven (if you take it out of the oven right away, the sudden temperature change can cause it to crack). Bon Appetit!

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thanks for the replies, why didn't i think of freezing it?! that seems really easy, i think ill freeze it in the springform pan then cover it with tinfoil and take it that way.

i wanted to use raspberries, frozen ones