On Halloween, Food Isn’t Just for Eating

Written by Lisa Michele of Parsley, Sage, Desserts and Line Drives

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t grown up in a town, or close to a town where a legendary ‘haunted house’ exists? You know what I’m talking about – the one where a murder or murders took place, or the one where some ghoulish creature lives in the attic and peers out the curtain looking for it’s next victim – OR, the one with the creepy, old lady who loves to cook kids for dinner? Well, I had the fortune of having two – one, an old schoolhouse dating back to the 1800’s, which actually had the outline of an arm broken through the glass of one of the windows. This resulted from the student who tried to escape the grasp of a murderous teacher who was stabbing him repeatedly. Unfortunately, he didn’t escape, and his ghost remained there until it was finally knocked down. The second being the The Devil’s Tower, and yes, we performed all of the ‘rituals’ as preteens and teens, even though it was already gated off by then, looking for ghost of the betrayed wife, disturbing the new residents of the million plus dollar homes on that road. Kudos to them for paying that much moolah to live within feet of the haunted tower, and the mortuary built for her! I wouldn’t.. no matter how much money I had! Yes, this all lore, but it’s fun, isn’t it?

If you’re not lucky enough to have your own ‘haunted’ house nearby, CHECK IT OUT, you can make your own!!!! Alright, that was a little over the top, and naturally, the kind if haunted house we’re talking about has been created by many for Halloween. I first experienced one when my friend’s mother set one up in their garage for us. This wasn’t your typical haunted house, this was a ‘lab’ of murdered body parts, ones that we got to feel!

Blindfolded, we were led through a maze of buckets containing bones, guts, eyeballs, you name it, our hands placed in each bucket, with a description of what we were feeling. We screamed, we pulled our hands away in disgust, and of course, laughed, because we knew they really weren’t body parts, but it was such fun! Perusing the internet, I saw that the murdered body part lab has come a long way. It now consists of ears, hearts, scabs, teeth, name it! Here’s some cool ideas if you’d like to open up your own haunted lab of dissected murder victims – freshly killed, I might add:

  • Dried cranberries or cherries for scabs. Cut them in half horizontally for fresh, gooey scabs!
  • Dried apricots for ears (ears that can still hear you, of course!)
  • A mix of cooked pastas, such as spaghetti, buccatini, linguine, fettucine (guts aren’t uniform in size, you know), in warm (remember, these are freshly killed victims!) water and/or chunky sauce, mixed with whatever ‘chunks and sinew’ you have on hand, such as pumpkin innards.
  • Celery sticks, peeled or heavy bread sticks for bones. Tie a string lightly around the ends of breadstick dough prior to baking, to create joints.
  • The classic – peeled grapes for eyeballs
  • Fruit leather with a light coating of oil for slimey tongues.
  • Warmed flour tortillas coated with a light spray of oil, for newly ripped off skin!
  • Wilted, trimmed carrots (you know, the ones you forgot about in the veggie drawer..the ones that bend slightly), with pumpkin seeds glued to the tips, for fingers and nails.
  • Large peeled tomatoes, or plums, in jello, for organs, like the heart.

The list goes on and on, and no doubt you could come up with all kinds of ideas for ‘edible’ body parts on your own.

Now, I couldn’t leave you all without at least something creepy and gross to eat, could I? I found this on the net several years ago, and they’ve been a hit whenever I’ve made them. Bleeding eyeball hors d’ oeuvres! It’s simple. Open a can of lychee nuts. Fill the holes of each nut with seedless strawberry or raspberry jam or jelly, and pop a blueberry in! Taking a toothpick and ‘drawing’ light lines around the hole, prior to filling with jam, will lead to bloody veins as the jam or jelly seeps into them. Stick a toothpick in each one, arrange on a tray, and voila, a delicious, albeit ghoulish, Amuse BOOche! Have a Happy Halloween all, and steer clear of that creepy house that people enter, but never seem to exit..and umm, are never seen again – unless it’s in buckets.. ..MWAAHAHAHA!

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Ahhhh…those ideas brought back memories from going through haunted houses and having to feel our way through each bin of “body parts”. Great ideas! Smile

Audax Artifex
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We don’t do Halloween in Australia (very much) but your ideas are brilliant for kids parties and those eyeballs are extra creepy. Yes I remember the ‘haunted’ house in our area when I was growing up, overgrown lawn, late night comings and goings, never seeing them during the daytime and it was only two houses down from us, we (and all the other kids in the area) would always cross over the road so as not to walk in front of it.

Your list of ghoulish delights sounds like a cookbook in the making “Glouhish foods for the dark of Halloween.” or how to make eyeballs, entrails, viscera and etc delicious for small children LOL LOL LOL. Cheers from Audax.

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I often read your blog and always find it very interesting. Thought it was about time i let you know…Keep up the great work

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