Southern Cakes

This review was prepared by Lori of Butter Me Up.
When one loves to bake, who doesn’t appreciate a great book on cakes? When I found out I was going to be reviewing Nancie McDermott’s Southern Cakes: Sweet and Irresistible Recipes for Everyday CelebrationsI was thrilled to say the least. Being from Canada, I wasn’t too familiar with Southern cakes apart from the Lady Baltimore Cake and the Red Velvet Cake. When I think of the South I think of chess or sweet potato pies or bread pudding. Regardless of my limited exposure to Southern cakes in general, I was keen to learn more.

The book is beautifully laid out and the photography is luscious. As always, I wish there were more photographs because it’s the photo which will often sell me on the recipe. The only real criticism I must remark on is that the font is quite small. When you’re in your kitchen working away at a recipe, it’s beneficial to have the words easy to pick out when you glance at the page.

The contents are separated into pound cakes; antiques and heirloom cakes; fruitcakes and other holiday favorites; layer cakes plain and fancy; everyday cakes from the Sea Islands to the Smokies; chocolate cakes, Southern style; and finally a chapter on frostings, icings and fillings. That’s a lot of cake!

I was able to try two recipes and trust me, I will be making more from this book. Both turned out beautifully!

The first recipe that caught my eye (again – it was the photo!) was Gigi’s Fabulous Caramel Cake. Simply put, this is my new favorite cake. It was easy to make and it was absolutely moist and delicious. Normally not a huge icing fan, the caramel icing was truly one of the most sinfully scrumptious icings I’ve ever made. I found myself putting this icing on things I normally never would dream of. I even put a spoonful in my coffee one evening. Darn it was good.

My second choice to try was the Sweet Potato Pound Cake. Again, this cake was easy to whip up and was very moist and yummy. Another success!

I had more cakes that I wanted to try out, but haven’t had the time to prepare them prior to submitting this review. However, I will certainly be revisiting “Southern Cakes” sooner rather than later. Two in particular are calling out to me – namely the Lemon-Filled Coconut Cake and the Ocracoke Island Fig Cake with Buttermilk Glaze. Oh help me!

As I’m sure you could guess, I heartily recommend this cookbook to any cake lover out there.

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Great review, I’m adding this book to my wish list

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I too will be adding this book to my wish list also. I have a friend who bakes some wonderful Southern cakes. I’d love to surprise her with one of mine.

Has anyone tried “Southern Pies” by the same author?

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