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Aardvark: A Multi-Purpose Strainer

This product was tested and reviewed by Hannah of Rise and Shine.

This newly patented product was created by a man in Minneapolis, Minnesota (not too far from my home town!) for the purpose of creating the perfect root beer float. In my family, it’s always Coke floats (though I wouldn’t say we make them often). They say this gadget will solve your “excess foam problem.” I can’t say I’ve had this problem, but I have nothing against strainers in general, so the “multi-purpose” aspect of the Aardvark will apply to me more than its patented purpose.

To be a good sport, I did use the Aardvark to make floats this week. The technique is to place the strainer into your glass and fill it with ice. Then pour your soda over the ice and remove the strainer. You then have cold soda and drop your ice cream into it. It seemed like an extra bit of work for me, especially when my soda was already cold from the fridge. So I started thinking of its other potential uses…

This strainer is nice and narrow so you can rinse a single serving of small berries, for example, and pour them into small bowls. And the little cup that it fits into is like a spoon rest for your strainer, which was nice. I used my Aardvark as a container for collecting agates so I could give them a good rinse when I was done.

And I used it to drain olives- when I knew I wanted to reserve the juice -by placing the strainer into the cup and pouring the juice back into the jar. Do you I need an Aardvark for this? Maybe, if the cup were bigger, since this one overflowed before I had my fill of olives.

I’m going to consider my Aardvark my new rock collecting pail. A walk down my dirt road with my Aardvark, and when I’m home I can place the strainer into the cup and soak the stones for a bit before giving them a good rinse, then drip dry them back in the cup.

On the down side, its holes are kind of big so rinsing small grains isn’t an option and its drip cup is maybe a bit too small for what I could use it for. On the plus side, the Aardvark is dishwasher safe, a pretty cool color, I found a good use for it, and strainers are undeniably handy. And its got an awesome name!

Visit the Aardvark website: Smile

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