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AeroGarden Ultra

This product was tested and reviewed by Lisa.

When I was asked if I would review the AeroGarden Ultra dirt-free indoor garden, I was curious to see if the product really lived up to the hype. I mean, you’re talkin’ to a gal with a black thumb. Seriously. I could kill dirt. My husband is the growing magician.. that man can take an old dried up seed throw it into some kind of vessel, add a lil water, some nutrients and some potting soil and in a few months we’ve got gorgeous flowers. He amazes me. But this isn’t about him, it’s about me! I wanted to know if the AeroGarden Ultra could make a mockery of my black thumb.

Well kids.. I’m tickled pink to tell you that it did just that. Not only did the AeroGarden Ultra make a mockery of my black thumb, it called my black thumb names and made it cry! Not even 2 weeks from planting my seeds, I had sprouts. Beautiful, healthy, green sprouts! A week later, my sprouts had grown.. they were gorgeous pre-schoolers! In less than a month, I had full grown healthy basil plants.. 6 different varieties! All perfectly formed, beautifully colored and mighty tasty! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

How’d I do it? ‘kay well.. I filled the reservoir with water and nutrients. I inserted the seed kits and followed the easy instructions on how to set up the timers for food and water reminders and that was it! As you’ll see in the photo, my hubby decided to see what would happen if he used some foil as a reflector (you can also buy reflectors from AeroGarden’s website) and he was very impressed to find out that using a reflector accelerated the growing rate of my lil sprouts into beautiful full grown plants.

So YES! I did grow my own plant.. well 6 of them actually. And you know what? They have never seen a pesticide (and never will). And I hardly lifted a finger to do it. I live in Cleveland, Ohio and we’re STILL in winter even though it’s “officially” spring right now. I started my plants about 3 months ago (during a blizzard actually) and have harvested the plants three times as they grow back so quickly. What, might you ask, did we do with 6 different types of basil? That brings me to the ONLY hitch in my giddiup when it comes to this miracle machine (and it’s not even about the machine).. you have to really LOVE basil if you choose to buy the International basil seed kit. We “like” basil. It’s a great plant – and we taste tested each one, and every one of them was delicious, but we had no idea what recipes to use for every variety.. so we ended up processing them with some EVOO and then freezing them in little packets that we can throw in future recipes. That lil tip helped immensely in figuring out what to do with all of our basil, but still.. I hadn’t really planned on stocking up on basil.. EVER. So that being said, don’t buy the basil pack unless you truly love the stuff. We have since bought the cherry tomatoes and the tiny sweet pepper seed kits and will be planting them this week. I’m so excited! I could have a truck load of tomatoes and/or peppers and always find recipes to use them in, let alone just eating them every night in a salad – my favorite way to eat garden fresh veggies!

In the meantime, my hubby bought inexpensive lil starter sets that you’d find in any store – the kind that uses potting soil. He planted some of his heirloom tomato seeds to start his plants for our outside garden this year and he set the trays of seed starters on top of the reservoir so they could benefit from the AeroGarden Ultra’s light.. it’s only been a few weeks and we’ve already got EIGHTEEN tiny lil tomato plants. How we are going to keep them alive for another good month or so (when it HOPEFULLY will warm up here in NE Ohio) until we can plant them outside, I have no idea. heee!

Take my advice – especially if you are heartbroken during the winter months and have often wished you had fresh, delicious, veggies to nosh on. Or if you don’t have room for an outside garden – spend the cash on this machine. The amount of money you won’t be spending in the grocery stores for tasteless vegetables will more than pay for the AeroGarden Ultra. Not a veggie fan? How lovely would it be to have beautiful and fragrant flowers or herbs growing on your countertop year round?? Or any non-fruit bearing plant for that matter. There are tons of plants to choose from at the AeroGarden website and the costs are reasonable. Especially for what you get in the final product. And if you can’t find something you like, grown whatever you want with the Grow Anything or Deluxe Grow Anything sets! That means you can grow any seed you want, not just what the website offers! Do yourself a favor.. splurge a little and enjoy the continued wonderfulness of having your own indoor garden. Smile

Oh! And as a lil incentive to ya’ll.. the nice people at AeroGarden are offering up a code you can use to receive 20% off any AeroGarden or AeroGrow product!

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