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This product was tested and reviewed by Carol, a non-blogging member from Canada.

Throughout society, uniforms can be seen as an identifying mark for being a member of a certain profession or participating in certain organizations. Typically, we may frequently see uniforms worn in military or para-military organizations, like police forces or fire departments. Indeed most professions have some sort of uniform – whether it’s the business suit of an office environment, safety vest and hard hat of a construction worker or the uniform shirt and kerchief for the Boy Scout. The cooking profession is no different. The chef’s uniform is typically composed of a toque or chef’s hat, a double breasted chef’s jacket and checkered pants. The toque, in varying heights, demonstrates rank in the kitchen. The white double breasted jacket identifies cleanliness and can be reversed to hide stains. In addition, the extra fabric in the front helps protect against heat and burns. Finally, the checkered pants also help hide stains.

I must confess I have had to wear several uniforms throughout my life including a tartan tunic while in colloquial school, a Girl Guide uniform, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) uniform, even a plant worker’s uniform of khaki pants and button down shirt. As for donning a uniform in the kitchen, I had a frilly apron that came out of the kitchen drawer on Thanksgiving and Christmas to cover my holiday dress. My forays into the kitchen simply didn’t warrant anything more elaborate – hastily prepared suppers after school for my family was done with minimal mess and cleanup, or at least I hoped.

And then I got serious about cooking! I enrolled in a Methods and Techniques cooking class with a local chef and he provided his students with a long Bistro style apron. There was something about going into the kitchen and putting on the long white apron that made cooking just a little more serious. As I progressed in my cooking, and spent longer times in the kitchen, my coworkers bought me my first “Chef’s Jacket” – its black, and it’s too big as it’s designed for a man. I didn’t mind as it was a “Chef’s Jacket” and I stood just a little taller when I wore it on long, marathon sessions in my CLK aka Crappy Little Kitchen (which the coworkers had embroidered in bright pink on the chest). The chef’s jacket became a necessity as I created multi-course dinners and elaborate main dishes…and sausage making and cheese making!

Alas, there are better fitting and more stylish chef’s jackets to be had – This website offers a complete line of chef’s uniforms including hats, chef’s coats, pants, aprons, neckerchiefs and shoes. The price points are incredible with chef’s coats starting as low as $10.99 US. And they ship globally!
The selection and variety of merchandise is dazzling – plenty of traditional jackets along with some new trendy styles. The website is well organized and easy to navigate as you can choose to shop in a variety of ways including style, fabric and gender. When I was given the opportunity to choose a chef’s jacket my mouse hovered over choosing a traditional white jacket, but the apple green looked so lovely and it would be so bright and cheery in the kitchen –…

The description reads like this:
Instantly feel the difference in our Women’s Imperial Chef Coat with contrast piping. Tailored for a women’s body, this jacket features a flattering, shaped look for a better fitting chef coat. Experience all day comfort with underarm vents to keep you cool. We’ve added quality fabric-covered buttons, a thermometer pocket, a three piece executive back and hip side slits. Made from premium 65/35 poly/cotton fine line twill. Look and feel great in the kitchen!

The jacket is gorgeous and the color is amazing! But it’s the fit that has me thrilled. Gone is the boxy man’s jacket in favor of a lovely feminine fit. The company says that they listened to women on what they wanted in a chef’s jacket with more hip and arm room and fitted to form to a woman’s body type. I ordered size large and I am a tall, full figured US size 12 woman and it fits perfectly. The fabric is durable and practical and hasn’t faded with washing.

Gentleman will not be disappointed with the selection either with a wide variety of traditional long and short sleeve jackets – in an array of colors… or perhaps a pair of pepper print pants to spice up the kitchen! –… This site has it all –

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