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This product was tested and reviewed by Renee of Don’t Make Me Call My Flying Monkeys.

Gluten-free? Really? I am one person who is always up for trying something new and this time it would be gluten-free cupcakes baked by Twiggy’s Cupcake Diet. They arrived packed in a cooler box and individually packaged. They survived the trip from the east coast of the United States fairly well, there were 2 cupcakes that suffered minor frosting loss. We followed the directions to let them thaw out at room temperature for a couple of hours and then we began our research.

I keep saying “we” because I recruited my six year old to help out with the tasting. I was so surprised that he was so eager. Ok, not really, they were cupcakes after all. The fact that my son would have absolutely no bias when tasting these was my reasoning behind including him in the taste test. I broke it to him slowly, “Max, I am going to need your help with something.” “Mom! I want to finish watching my show!” “Fine. Just let me know when you are ready to try some of these cupcakes.” “CUPCAKES!” Now we were ready to begin.

We had six cupcakes:

  • Black Velvet – Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting
  • Ying Yang – Chocolate cake, vanilla frosting
  • Who’s your Poppy – Lemon poppy cake, vanilla frosting
  • Plain Jane – Vanilla cake, vanilla frosting
  • Not So Plain Jane – Vanilla cake, chocolate frosting
  • Beta Carrot-ine – Carrot cake, vanilla frosting

We tried some of each cupcake and I must say that I was surprised. First, if you are looking for a healthy alternative for that sweet craving or if you are required to be on a gluten-free diet these are a great way to have your cake and eat it too!

My son loved the carrot and lemon poppy seed cupcakes and I did too. They were very flavorful and though they were dense it was not as far a departure from their fatty, gluteny, and full of sugar counterparts as with the other flavors. The least popular flavor in our house was the chocolate. If you have indulged in the sugar laden version of a chocolate cupcake then this incarnation may be a bit of a stretch for you, but they are better than some other gluten-free products that I have had. The taste of all of the Twiggy’s cupcakes was really good. The biggest difference was the consistency but we all got over that and ate every last crumb.

I looked over the Twiggy’s Cupcake Diet website and found lots of information about how they do what they do. These cupcakes are all natural and now-a-days that can be hard to say but Twiggy’s does it with gluten free flours, coconut sugar, chicory root, fresh lemon and the best of all, real dark chocolate! Unlike most cupcakes, these have just about 130-170 calories and even sport 7-10 grams of protein. A standard large egg has about 4 grams of protein. As if all of this natural goodness wasn’t enough, they even pack their cupcakes in 100% recyclable containers and include a paper flag on each cupcake with an uplifting saying, I really liked that part.

My overall impression of Twiggy’s Cupcakes was very good and although I may not be ready to give up the occasional gluteny, sugary, soft and chocolatey cupcake with buttercream frosting, I would never turn down one of these MUCH more healthy confections.

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