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Fruit Bliss

This product was tested and reviewed by Ruth of The Crafts of Mommyhood.

Now that both of my daughters are in school full time, and my husband and I are both working, packing lunches has become a pretty big focus. It is a constant challenge to find foods which are good, healthy and have enough “kid appeal” for everyone. (Face it, foods that come back home untouched simply can’t count.) Frequently, dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries and apricots will make their way into the lunch bags, but can be kind of dry and tough. An offer to try a new brand of dried fruit was a greatly appreciated opportunity to add to our lunch (and general snacking) options.

Fruit Bliss is really more of an “un-dried” fruit (as stated in the website, It is juicy, re-hydrated fruit. That’s it – no sulfur, no sugar, nothing added. That alone it something I would be happy to serve my kids, and to eat myself. The fruits themselves are interesting choices, too. There are apricots and dates, which are common dried fruits in our home, but there are also plums and figs. Sure, my kids have eaten fresh plums, but the dried ones, more commonly known as prunes, are not generally enjoyed here. As for figs, I have never been a fan, so they don’t generally come into the house.

Fruit Bliss sent us two six ounce packages of fruit, dates, and a medley of apricots, plums and figs, and three “on-the-go pouches,” figs, apricots and plums. The on-the-go pouches are perfectly sized for lunch boxes. The larger packages are great for family snacking.

The first thing to note about Fruit Bliss is that it is definitely not DRY fruit. It is soft, juicy and sticky. Then there is the taste. Fruit Bliss fruits taste like fruit. Not like dried fruit, but like actual fruit. They don’t look at all like the dried fruits we usually find in our stores. The apricots are not small, orange discs, but dark and almost full-fruit sized. Instead of being tough to bite or chew, the Fruit Bliss fruits are soft, almost melty (in my husband’s words).

As a point of comparison, I looked at the bag of dried dates I had at home. The conventional dates, which I enjoyed, were shiny on the outside, with somewhat papery “skins” on them. The Fruit Bliss dates are moist, plump and soft to touch and bite. The old bag of dried dates has not been touched since the Fruit Bliss bag was opened…

The fruit I was most hesitant about was the figs. I will admit, I didn’t taste them… Old biases are hard to break sometimes. But my husband and both daughters ate them. And liked them. A lot. My four year old specifically requested the on-the-go package for her lunch box. That same four year old had a hard time sharing the bag of plums with her two year old sister. She told me that they were like candy. I call that success!

Fruit Bliss is not your typical dried fruit. It is a delicious snack which gained the approval of all four members of this family, and is something I will definitely be looking for in the future.

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