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Stuffed Grape Leaves

Hi my name is Lori of Lori’s Lipsmacking Goodness. I have always wanted to do stuffed grape leaves, one of my favorite Mediterranean treats. With meat or without, they are delicious on their own or on some pita bread as a sandwich. You can eat them simply, drizzle with olive […]


Quick Breads/Muffins & Popovers!

Hi! It’s me, Lis! *grin* Yes, I’m your host this month! Our scheduled host couldn’t be here, so I decided that it was high time I hosted a challenge myself. (Okay not really, I have no business hosting, but there wasn’t enough time to ask someone else! Shhhhh..) Now keep […]


Let’s Go Nuts for Doughnuts!

Daring Bakers October 2010 Hello! I’m Lori of Butter Me Up and I am really excited to be hosting this month’s Daring Bakers Challenge. I must admit all sorts of options were running through my mind when I was asked to host. Should I try something really fancy? A real […]


Flipping Frying Patties!!!

Hi it is Lisa and Audax and we are hosting this month’s Daring Cooks’ challenge we have chosen a basic kitchen recipe and a basic cooking technique which can be adapted to suit any ingredient that you have to hand and are beloved by children and adults alike … of […]


Pâtés and Bread

Hi guys! This is Valerie, from The Chocolate Bunny, and Evelyne, from Cheap Ethnic Eatz! We are so thrilled to be hosting the Daring Cooks June 2010 Challenge! We brainstormed for a while before agreeing on what to throw at you guys. We wanted something suitable for June – so […]


My Noodle Hands!

This is Steph, from Stephfood, based out of Toronto, Canada. I like to cook, and started blogging as a way to motivate myself into cooking new things. This challenge is all about getting your hands dirty, by making a style of pasta or noodle without the use of motorized tools. […]

Product Reviews

Redpack Tomatoes

Written by Hannah of Rise and Shine. When I heard I was receiving a product to review from the Redpack tomato company, I knew I’d have an easy time giving my opinion on their product. I use canned tomatoes quite a bit…often several times a week. Living in what resembles […]


The World of Pierogi!

Greetings Daring Cooks! The August Challenge is brought to you by LizG of Bits n’ Bites and Anula of Anula’s Kitchen. This month, we will be exploring the wonderful world of pierogi, those versatile little dumplings, in name and fillings. Almost every culture has one on its menu. They can […]


Mallows and Milans Cookies

The July 2009 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Nicole of Sweet Tooth. She chose Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cookies and Milan Cookies from pastry chef Gale Gand of the Food Network. I’m a huge fan of Gale Gand, I have tried a lot of her recipes and they are such […]


Indian Dosas (Vegan Style)

Hiya! This is Debyi from The Healthy Vegan Kitchen I am so excited to be your host for the September 2009 Daring Cooks challenge. It took almost a month to decide which recipe that I wanted to do. I wanted to choose something that could be easily adapted for our […]