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10 Best Boning Knife of 2019

When searching for the right knives for your kitchen, it’s not always about picking out the most commonly used knives. Instead, it’s about selecting the knives that you personally need. While average home cooks are content with a regular chef’s knives and a couple of cutting boards, serious chefs prefer […]

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Preserving High Acid Foods

When people hear about canning they sometimes shriek with fear. I guess it is the botulism thing or maybe it’s the BIG amount of work that they think is involved in the canning process. With our economy the way it is it is even more important to re-look at the […]

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Photography Tips: After the Shot

Despite our best efforts to get everything right before we click the button, photos can generally benefit from a little tweaking after the fact. While we aim to always get everything perfect from exposure to composition, things don’t always go the way we planned. Fortunately, there are several things you […]

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Photography Tips: Composition

Composition is undoubtedly a key element of photography. While many of you have a natural knack for seeing subjects in the best possible way, others may struggle in this area. There are no hard and fast rules. If, however, you are looking for help with composition, there are several tips […]

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Photography Tips: Basic Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements to consider in order to create a successful photograph. In addition to your light source, one must consider the color, intensity and quality of the light. Improving your lighting technique is the first step to taking better photographs. When it comes to […]

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We’re Makin’ Pickles!

It all started with a garden. Anyone who has one, or knows someone who does, understands exactly what I mean when I say that there are some weeks in the middle of summer where you have fixed a cucumber every which way you can and still there are bags full […]

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Breaking Bread

The more birthdays that pass, the less I seem to remember about being a pre-teen. Even my teen years seem to be a long blur of events all squished together and it takes something like a photo or an old movie or song to remind me of a specific event. […]

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Cooking and Eating in Color

After completing the daunting and exhilarating March Daring Bakers Challenge, my first reaction was not to wipe my brow of the sweat of standing over a bubbling pot of ragu for hours, or massage my poor arms after vigorous kneading and rolling of pasta dough. My first reaction was to […]

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The Evolution of an Obsessed Baker

Is it normal to have dreams about a world filled with lemon ricotta cheesecakes covered in waterfalls of dark chocolate ganache? And rivers of smooth, cashmere caramel filled with salted macadamia stepping stones? Or better yet, trees that bloom plump hazelnuts stuffed with Nutella and peanut butter rum balls? If […]

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Mumbai Street Food

A great man once said “You have never really visited a country until you have tasted it’s food”. In a country as large and diversified as India it is more like “You have never really visited an Indian city unit you have tasted it’s food”. Every city has it’s own […]