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The Republic of Tea: Strawberry Chocolate Herbal Tea

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The Republic of Tea Chocolate Strawberry Rooibos
When the tin of Strawberry Chocolate tea showed up at my doorstep from The Daring Kitchen, I wasn’t certain what I was going to think of it. I certainly enjoy tea. But, I’m not usually attracted to fruity teas; spicy teas (more along the lines of chai) are really more my style. But, I was intrigued by the idea of chocolate tea. So, I agreed to give it a try.

Certainly, the tin was pretty enough. And the description promised me that the flavors of chocolate and strawberry would “mingle atop” the rich flavor of rooibos. So, I’m thinking, how could this be bad?

I opened the tin and took a sniff. I sensed a bit of strange “berryness” about the smell, and maybe a hint of something resembling tea. But, there wasn’t any chocolate that I could decipher. So, I asked my husband to take a whiff. “Cocoa… “ he said, as he took a big sniff.
The Republic of Tea Chocolate Strawberry Rooibos
Now, I should probably divulge that my husband is the biggest chocoholic I’ve ever met. His love for the deep, rich, earthy bitterness of the cocoa bean is strong and true. So, I figured he would be the perfect person with which to share this tea. Not to mention the fact that the tea tin encouraged me to “enjoy a caffeine free cup of dessert with my sweetheart.”

It was a cold spring afternoon and we were reading on the couch. My fingers were getting cold and tea sounded like the perfect thing to warm me up. So, we plopped our chocolate strawberry tea bags into cups of boiling water. The fragrance of chocolate that emanated from the cups was almost immediate – definitely sweet, and augmented nicely by notes of strawberry. I couldn’t wait to get a taste.

I took my first sip after about 5 minutes of steeping, and the brew tasted like little more than chocolate-scented water. However, after brewing for 10 minutes, the flavor of the tea improved vastly. The chocolate notes came through, along with a nice sweetness that pulled the strawberry flavor to the fore.

The Republic of Tea Chocolate Strawberry RooibosWe tried our tea with a splash of half-and-half, as the tin directed. But, we really didn’t notice much difference in the flavor – just a slightly richer mouth-feel. We both thought the chocolate was nicely balanced and not too artificial tasting. Neither of us were particularly blown away. But, overall – it wasn’t a bad cup of tea.

As my husband put it, “It’s worth drinking if you’re looking for a non-traditional tea that’s just a little bit sweet.”

As the tea in my cup cooled down, I also found myself thinking that it would make a pretty delicious (and different) iced tea. Maybe something with frozen strawberries floating in it (instead of ice cubes) — fit for an afternoon gathering with friends?

While a cup of strawberry chocolate tea will never quite replace that fudgey brownie with strawberry sauce that you’ve been craving, it’s definitely a great afternoon (or after dinner) treat.

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What a great review I can really picture the taste of it, and you are so honest thank you for reviewing this product so well nice photos also. Yours Audax.

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Chocolate and Strawberries. It sounds divine.
I love the way you described the tea, it’s really made me want to go out and try it!

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We tried these teas and I really like the mint version. Not that it makes you think you’ve eaten a cookie but tasty anyway.

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wow Strawberry and chocolate really do make a good combination and i just cannot imagine the unique taste a cup of tea with this flavor will give Big Grin

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I happen to have a cabinet full of Republic of Tea teas, and when I was this one in the catalog I was really intrigued! Its nice to know whats its all about now! Thanks!

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