Product Reviews Cupcake Appliqués Pt. II

This product was tested and reviewed by Lisa Michele of Parsley, Sage, Desserts and Line Drives

I’m not a cupcake decorator. In fact..I’m not really a cupcake baker either. I think I can count on both hands the amount of times I’ve baked cupcakes. I don’t know why, because they’re so simple, yummy and cute. I just never get that cupcake fire burning inside of me – no lust for cupcakes. Come to think of it, I don’t eat them very often either. I guess you could say cupcakes and I are merely acquaintances, acquaintances as in.., I see them every so often in the bakery case, ‘How ya doin?…Any good bites lately?’. I always felt haute couture cupcake decorating was a whole lot of hoopla over two or three bites – kind of like an 8 hour amuse bouche preparation.

When Lis – my future wife, asked if I would review these icing cupcake appliques, I was initially at a loss. If it involves some sort of incredible piping or transformation into hamburgers, lions, cupcake cell phones that actually work (Trust me, some amazing cupcake blogger will figure it out) etc.. like I’ve seen in some of those cupcake books out there, OR some kind of special, sticky stuff that’s radioactive when exposed to heat, I wasn’t sure I could test them properly in order to give a fair review.

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When I received the samples in the mail, I let out a sigh..nahhh..more like a small breath, of relief. These were easy! All you had to do was frost your cupcake, peel the round icing sheet off the paper, and plop it on. A little smoothing and blending here and there, and that’s it. I opened up the samples and the sweet scent of light buttercream hit me. I inhaled deep. Buttercream should be something you wear, like perfume, seriously. Eau de Buttercream. Actually, I do think they make buttercream scents for the human race. Darn, I was already thinking, PATENT!

With that said, starting the testing was the hardest part. Definitely needed to taste them first. I recruited my two year old nephew, Zach, to help me out. Well, It’s a good thing I know the definition of restraint when there needs to be RESTRAINT….but that’s not set in stone. With the light taste of buttercream, and the way they melt on your tongue, it’s kind of hard to stop. Before I knew it, my little packets of samples were diminishing. With Zach’s adorable toddler voice asking for “More, Isa”, his tiny, little hand reaching, and my own brain buzzing “MORE”, my big hand reaching, I knew I had to put them away until I had an actual frosted cupcake in front of me.

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There are only two very tiny caveats I have. One, you can’t pipe those mega swirly tops if you want to apply a ticing’s applique. Well, you can, if you pipe the mega swirly then flatten and even out the top, since you need a flat surface to get a smooth cupcake ‘tattoo’. Nothing wrong with a ring of swirly around a beautiful ticings icing decal, though! Two, you’re limited to white frostings and buttercreams if you want it to blend in. I think they should make chocolate ticings to satiate those who prefer chocolate frostings and buttercreams. Then again, chocolate shades vary, so that could be a little difficult.

When I finally got to the task at hand, I could not believe how simple it was. These ticings are for people like me, people who would love to present a pretty cupcake, but don’t always want to spend extra time piping frosting onto each cupcake, flawlessly, or turning it into something that doesn’t resemble a cupcake. However, I won’t deny it, I got caught up and found myself sorta’ ‘haute couter’ing’ my cupcakes. Some edible gold flakes here, a little airbrush there. This is what using ticings did to me. It was so incredibly easy, and looked so cute, that I wanted to add to them! I even trimmed a few of them (very gently, I might add) so I could fit several of the smaller ones together on one cupcake. I really enjoyed combining the purses and shoes, well, uhhh..shoe. I accidentally cut through the only other shoe, rendering it toeless. Not something I felt would enhance this ‘material girl’ cupcake.

I’ll tell you one thing – ticings are addicting – they made me want to bake more cupcakes. I couldn’t stop until I used all the samples I had left. I returned to Thanksgiving, threw in a birthday, and of course, couldn’t ignore those Xmas trees!

I urge you to go check out the ticings website. They also offer custom cupcake icing sheets. Just send them any design, saying, thought, your business or blog name etc, and they can reproduce it on icing. PLUS, you should see all the other beautiful ticings they have to offer, some of them designed by well known artists! It gets even better. They also have an array of sprinkles and sugars that are all natural, and will make your cupcakes, cakes, or anything you want to sprinkle them on, that much more delicious and pleasing on the eyes. I especially love the idea of white chocolate sprinkles! I highly recommend these to just about everyone or anyone, whether you like to bake or not. It’s just too easy to produce a pretty and/or original cupcake – how can you pass that up??!

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Editor’s Note: Check out Lisa Michele’s blog for a chance to win a full set of holiday ticings from Cupcake Appliques to try out in your own home cup-cakery! Wink xoxo

All photos by Lisa Michele unless otherwise noted

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