Product Reviews Cupcake Appliqués Pt. III

This product was tested and reviewed by Sam of American Women Don’t Get Fat

Ah, so quite a while ago, I was contacted to do a review on the product “ticings”. I think this came at such a great time, because I had started sampling different baked goods for an in-home bakery I wanted to set up. My only problem? I despise edible picture icing. It has a strange sticky feeling, it leaves a gummy residue in my mouth, and there’s a taste. There shouldn’t be a taste. People don’t go and buy paper to eat it. But, I digress. It took me quite a while to even try the product, maybe out of fear? But then there was a moment… a moment where I was hosting a party a few days prior to Thanksgiving, and the edible turkeys… that looked super cute, outwayed the disgust in prior edible picture icings and I gave in and decorated my cupcakes with them. I was still pretty iffy about the ticings – eating only the cupcakes I had decorated with mellowcreme pumpkins… but hearing such great compliments about every single cupcake on the platter.

So?? I gave in once again. Picking up the cupcake and taking my first bite… I once again swooned at the rich pumpkiny flavor and tried to savor the salted caramel buttercream… and then it dawned on me. These were the only flavors I tasted. I took another bite… making sure to get a mouthful of the ticings… and it once again melted in my mouth. There was no chewy “paper” or tacky residue… and there was no taste that overpowered the original flavors of the cupcake. It was truely wonderful. I was so excited about it, I went to the ticings’ website and saw insanely adorable ticing sheets for all seasons – even theee cutest penquins + gingerbread men for Christmas. I absolutely love the fact that in such a short period of time, you can have a wonderful, professional-like iced cupcake, just by using ticings. And the greatest? You can use the designs they have available… or check this out: you can send in your own artwork! How nifty? I’m definitely glad I got to review this product… and I know for certain I will be purchasing their products in the near future!

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