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Chocoley Chocolate

This product was tested and reviewed by Matt of Thyme In Our Kitchen.

I love when packages come for me. Especially when I open it up and it’s full of chocolate. That meant I was extremely happy when I opened up the box that contained a whole variety of chocolate from I’m not the type of person that likes to sit down and eat a whole chocolate candy bar, but I really do love chocolate in and on just about anything, even more so if it’s dark chocolate.

Inside my box was a collection of milk and dark chocolate candy melts as well as cream centers and a bottle of drizzling chocolate.

My first creation was utilizing the cream centers and some of the milk chocolate candy melts. This had to be one of the easiest things I have ever made. I took them to a picnic and they were gone in about 2 minutes. The cream centers come in a container and is soft enough that you simply pinch off the desired amount, roll it in a boll and then dip it in the melted candy melts.

The chocolate can be melted in a double boiler or you can even microwave it like I did and still get amazing results. It melts quickly and remains silky smooth. It hardens quickly and the flavor combination with the Key Lime cream center was simply amazing.

I also created a strawberry tart and decided to use the drizzling chocolate to decorate the whole strawberries. The instructions say to leave the container in a hot water bath and then simply drizzle over whatever you choose. I left mine in the water for at least 5-8 minutes and it seemed to have a hard time getting liquid enough to come out smoothly. I went to try again the next day on something else, and the chocolate wouldn’t soften enough even after leaving it in boiling water. So not sure if I did something incorrect with that, but I was a little disappointed that it didn’t work better.

Overall, the chocolate is a great easy way to get high quality chocolate that you can use in a variety of functions. While I haven’t used “craft store” chocolate in any of my cooking, they claim that their compound chocolate tastes much better and I honestly thought the flavor was great in everything that I tried it in. I loved the smooth flavor and the fact that it didn’t require the tempering to get great results.

They’ve got a great website that will help you explore everything they have available and how to maximize each product’s effectiveness. You can even take a free email molding course!

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