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Vitamix vs Ninja Blenders 2019
Product Reviews

Best Blender 2019: Vitamix vs Ninja

Doing a brief Google search on “blender,” what are the first brands that typically pop up? Vitamix and Ninja. Considering the companies first came about in 1921 and 1998 respectively, it’s astonishing that the high-speed blender manufacturers are nearly deadlocked in terms of winning the title as the best blender […]

Best wort chillers of 2019
Product Reviews

10 Best Wort Chiller Units of 2019

As many are aware, the beer industry is massive. In fact, in the United States alone, over $111.1 billion worth of beer sells annually. Due to this statistic, one might believe that the need for ready-made beer would be at an all-time high. However, homebrewing has become more popular over […]

Offset smoker smoking chicken and pork ribs
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10 Best Propane Smokers 2019

In the eyes of grillers, the next best appliance to a barbecue is usually a good ole smoker. While both devices can cook meats and vegetables alike, smokers and barbecues offer vast variations that ultimately make the two unique. However, even the best propane smoker and the best propane barbecue […]

Electric griddle with English muffins
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10 Best Electric Griddles 2019

If there’s any underrated small kitchen appliance everyone should have, it’s an electric griddle. The wide range of foods that can be whipped up on griddles make these devices enticing for many consumers. From hot sandwiches and burgers to French toast and eggs, these appliances can cook just about anything. […]

Rapala Fish Fillet Knife
Product Reviews

Best Fish Fillet Knife 2019

Every seafood lover and chef deserves the right equipment to prep their favorite fish; that includes a quality knife for fish filleting. But before you consider against purchasing your own fish fillet knife, presuming you already have the right knives to get the job done, know that every type of […]

Quality Kitchen Knives Stainless Steel
Product Reviews

10 Best Kitchen Knives 2019

Whether you’re a chef or simply cook in the home setting, finding a quality set of knives is important. However, if you’ve never owned among the best kitchen knives, you probably don’t know the potential your next set could have. It’s not always about aesthetics or whether or not your […]

Vegetable chopper with blade inserts
Product Reviews

10 Best Vegetable Choppers 2019

Ask any cook – home cook or professional cook – what one of the most daunting tasks is in the kitchen, and they might just reply, “Food preparation.” It’s not that washing, cleaning, and chopping fruits, vegetables, and herbs and other prep tasks are mundane; instead, it’s that prep time is […]

Boning knife on table
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10 Best Boning Knife of 2019

When searching for the right knives for your kitchen, it’s not always about picking out the most commonly used knives. Instead, it’s about selecting the knives that you personally need. While average home cooks are content with a regular chef’s knives and a couple of cutting boards, serious chefs prefer […]

Cappuccino Machine Pouring
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Best Cappuccino Maker 2019

In an industry worth over $12 billion in annual sales, coffee is well loved by millions around the world. In fact, in the United States alone, there are over 24,000 coffee shops. But given the price for a cup of java, it’s pretty self-explanatory why coffee drinkers are looking for alternatives for […]

Ninja Blender
Product Reviews

Best Ninja Blender 2019

If you like the idea of having a freshly squeezed glass of OJ or a frozen cocktail, there’s nothing better than producing a fresh glass at home. And the only way to guarantee that is to buy a powerful do it all blender. A blender is sort of like a […]

Best nonstick cookware sets - Rachael Ray
Product Reviews

Best Nonstick Cookware 2019

For those who have a passion for food, owning a reliable set of cookware is absolutely necessary to ensure that your efforts don’t amount to a culinary catastrophe.  And best of all you can whip up healthier meals with the right kind of cookware. But how do you know if […]

Vitamix Blender: S-Series-S55
Product Reviews

Best Vitamix Blender on the Market in 2019

For the regular smoothie drinker, it doesn’t feel like a smoothie until you have completely pulverized the ingredients into a creamy texture. Savoring every single flavor, distinguishing every ingredient mixed together to make the perfect blend- what could be more perfect? But getting a professional grade blender that can whip […]

Best Home Coffee Makers Of 2018
Product Reviews

Best Home Coffee Maker on the Market in 2019

Who doesn’t love the smell of hot coffee in the morning? But spending a couple of dollars every single morning for a single cup of coffee at the coffee bar doesn’t offer much convenience for the regular coffee drinker. The expense itself can be a bit overwhelming which is why […]

Stainless steel cookware
Product Reviews

Best Stainless Steel Cookware 2019

Finding the best stainless steel cookware can be difficult. Sometimes you may think you’ve come across a safe, convenient, and sturdy set of pots only to find out that they don’t have the best quality non-stick surface or that they contain toxins. For many, these are deal breakers. But of […]