You will need

  • Chopping board
  • Knife
  • Y-shaped peeler
  • Tray
  • Sealable sandwich bag
  • 6 small glasses
  • Measuring spoons
  • Food processor (standard blade)
  • Spoon


  1. Peel the banana.
  2. On a chopping board, slice the banana into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Pick off and discard any stalks from the seasonal fruit.
  4. Use a Y-shaped peeler to peel the fruit, if needed.
  5. Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces, removing the cores, if needed.
  6. Place all the chopped fruit onto a tray, spreading them out so none of the pieces are touching each other.
  7. Place the tray in the freezer for around 2 hours, or until frozen.
  8. Once frozen, remove the tray from the freezer. Transfer the fruit to a sandwich bag, seal it up and return it to the freezer.
  9. Place 6 small glasses into the freezer to get extra cold.
  10. Meanwhile, place the honey and yoghurt into a food processor and blitz until combined.
  11. Remove the cold glasses from the freezer and divide the raspberries between them.
  12. Working quickly, take the frozen fruit out of the freezer and add them to the food processor. Blitz well until smooth and combined.
  13. Spoon the ice cream into your glasses and serve straightaway or place into an airtight container and freeze for another day.

Nutritional Values

Kcal 145.8
Fat (g) 3.8
Sat fat (g) 2.3
Protein (g) 4.9
Carbs (g) 24.3
Sugar (g) 22

Jamie’s top tip

“Whenever you have a glut of overripe fruit, chop them up and freeze them in sealable sandwich bags ready to blitz into a quick frozen yoghurt another day.”

Nutrition Note

All of Jamie’s Food Revolution Day recipes have been written with nutrition in mind. While some recipes are more indulgent and should only be eaten occasionally as part of a balanced diet, the majority are kept in check for calories, saturated fat and salt, to help you prepare quick, nutritious meals with fresh ingredients.