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Tres Leches Cake/Chiffon Cake ACK!

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Hello all, I am so so so pleased to inform you that my cake fell out of the pan when I inverted it to cool. Why? I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks to making a chiffon cake, and why mine may have fallen out of the pan (no I did NOT butter/flour/ or grease the pan in any way) The cake had risen well, was lightly browned and the toothpick came out clean. I am wondering if I over or under-beat the egg whites? Perhaps I folded them into the batter too much or too little? Also, what recipe do you use for the cake portion of this cake? I have to make the dang thing for a dinner party tomorrow and its getting late (nail biting nail biting)
Thanks, Patricia


Let There Be Cake

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What kind of cake pan are you using?

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Hi there Patricia, it might depend upon the pan you're using. I've tried it once in a tube pan and it turned out well. But I've also experienced such slip once, when I greased the pan beforehand (didn't know it then). Since then, I followed this recipe and the problem never occurred again:

Hope it helps!