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I’m a software engineer. I am married and have two children under 2. I love to bake, cook and try new recipes.

I’m a very frugal person too, so the ingredients have to be inexpensive too. I love cooking with my oldest (20 months) and she just loves helping me out, by ‘sprinkling’ things or ‘rolling’ dough.

If you could prepare dinner for any person no longer with us.. who would that be and why? What would you prepare for this person?

I would cook for my maternal grandmother. I would love to prepare a meal for her since I make all her recipes now. I would love to make her Italian Filled Cookies, which I dubbed ‘Prinkles’ when I was little. They were my favorite cookie and are very time consuming to make. She would make them every single Easter just for me. When she had her stroke, my mother would make them every Easter because it made my grandmother happy. I would just love to make them for her. I haven’t made them yet and am going to try to make them this Easter for the first time.

What’s your favorite TV show? Favorite character from a book?

I love watching “Hell’s Kitchen”. I would just love to be on the show, but I don’t have any training and I would probably cry too much. I cannot say that I have a favorite book character.

Jenna, at the time of this interview, you’ve been a Daring Baker for a month now.. how are you liking it?
I love the idea. I used to bake/cook a recipe each month celebrating a foreign holiday. For example, I would find a German holiday and then make a new German dish; the next month we would try something else. I haven’t done that in a while and missed trying new things. This is just the group I need!

Are you a stay at home person or do you like to go out often?

I am a homebody. I don’t go out very much at all (I have 2 kids under 2 also).

Do you have a favorite local restaurant? What makes them good?

I really like a restaurant called “Hacienda”. It’s a local chain and they make really great queso.

Do you like sports? If so, what kind and which is your favorite team?

I do like sports a lot. I play softball and soccer with my husband. I love to watch baseball and am a Red Sox fan [I grew up in New England].

Do you have a special dish that you are known for? If so, what is it and will you make it for me? Smile

I cannot say I’m ‘known’ for anything really. Each year I have a cookie exchange and I make rugelah. That is always requested of me, so I suppose I’m known for that? I would love to send you some, they are very good and not the traditional jam filled rugelah.

What’s your favorite CD?

I could listen to Peter, Paul and Mary all day long. Ha – my mom played it a lot when I was little.

When you need to unwind, what relaxes you best?

I bake when I’m stressed.

You can visit Jenna on her blog Life Uncluttered

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Jenna: because you said you love preparing your grandma’s recipes, I am hoping I can get you to submit one to my Grandma’s Recipes event.…

Frankly, I would really love to hear more about the Italian Filled Cookies. Smile

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Oh thank you! I would love to participate in the event. I’ll have to see if I can as we are having family come into town right then (Easter and all)!

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Hello Jenna

Nice to meet you and get to know more about you
welcome to the group

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Thank you! I’ve only been a member for a short time and it’s pretty fun so far.

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