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Let’s GarLic It!! And a GIVEAWAY!!

This product was tested and reviewed by Jenni of The Gingered Whisk.

We can all agree that convenience foods are nice – anything to help us put a meal on the table faster is a great thing. But more often than not, when we try and shortcut time we end up using more and more products out of cans, boxes and bags, and those are most likely packed with chemicals and ingredients that few of us can pronounce.

When I volunteered to do a product review, I was both excited and nervous. I love trying new things, but I was really hoping I wasn’t going to get something that was what I call “fake food” – where there is a whole paragraph of ingredients listed but only one or two are actual food.

So when a box arrived on my doorstep, and I saw that I would be reviewing “GarLic It” I was very pleased – this is an all natural product, with only a handful of ingredients! Pop open the top, and you are immediately hit with the delicious aroma of caramelized garlic.

For a whole week, I put GarLic It! in everything I could possibly squeeze it into – meatballs, stir fry, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, and our favorite, some fall apart chicken thighs in the crock pot… I seriously threw this stuff into everything I made! We definitely won’t be invaded by vampires anytime soon, because we are well marinated in garlic! I must say that I am quite impressed with this stuff – it adds a great garlic flavor to everything without being too overpowering or harsh. It perfectly enhances whatever you happen to be making, whether you are cooking, baking, or using it straight out of the jar. And you don’t have to spend the time to mince a clove of garlic and have your fingers smell the rest of the day!

I tried out the very versatile Caramelized Garlic flavor, but they also have five other flavors, including Savory Basil, Spicy Chipotle, and Sichuan Pepper that I think would be fun to try out as well!

Wait, didn’t I say something about a giveaway? FIVE (open to U.S. residents only, sorry!) commenters will receive a free jar of GarLic It! Caramelized Garlic! Please make sure that your email is correct on your profile page (to check, click on the “my account” link in the right sidebar menu. Once you are at your profile page, you can click the EDIT tab at the top to edit your email address if you need to.) so that Lis can contact you to get your mailing information! Winners will be chosen using on 11/14/11. Good luck! Smile

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Sounds like a great product. I love items that are convenient and have ingredients that I would use with out the added unhealthy fillers and unidentifiable additives.

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This does sound like an awesome product. Both my husband and I love garlic, and I’m sure we could make good use of it.


it all comes do…
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wow…havent heard about this before…n I absolutely love garlic….lovvvvvveeeeeee….


it all comes do…
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btw…what if I m not a US resident but cn’t I give a US mailing address if and when I win?

I know I m sounding greedy but it’s caramelized garlic!!!

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Those do sound interesting – love garlic!

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Well I didn’t make the top 5 but wanted to say that this sounds pretty yummy…caramelized garlic??? I never thought of it before.

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I am really excited to track down and try this product! It sounds delicious! We are diffinately a garlic eating family and anything carmalized is just heaven! Thank you for your great review!

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